The Easiest way to grow your practice and increase revenue.

Cutting edge technology for Ayurvedic Doctors to connect with patients and collect payments.

A single platform to take care of it all. Seamlessly.

Effective Patient Care

Digital medical records and online patient management that gives you time to enhance your knowledge. Be a part of the digital revolution happening in healthcare in Ayurveda.

Connect Globally

Consult thousands of patients around India from your phone. Talk to your patients through various channels and widen your reach.

Online Practice

Give online consultation to patients and grow your practice. Answer queries from your patients and provide efficacious digital consultation.

Personalized Webpage

Get a highly customizable profile page to showcase your experiences, capabilities and achievement to masses coming on AyushMD.

Smart Patient Care

Get all the documents from your patients well before their physical visit. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

Free For Life

AyushMD is free to sign up. Very minimal charges are taken for maintenance and payment gateway.


Amazing Features


Online and Offline Doctor Appointment Booking:

Online and offline booking capabilities that are intuitive and always work right the first time.


Reminders & Notifications:

Fully-functioning appointment reminder via email, Message so that no appointment will ever be missed.


Online Video Conferencing Capacity:

ability to consult with their doctor without having to physically go into the hospital or clinic.


ePrescriptions Feature.

A way for a doctor to upload prescription online so the patient will be able to order the prescribed Medicine.


Secure Payment Gateways :

Multiple options in secure payment gateway for the user to pay for scheduled consultations directly through the Website


Patient's Medical History :

No more juggling through papers to see the previous history of your patients, everything is readily available for your diagnosis.

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