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AyushMD is evolving the way we manage our health.

Health is foremost. We often ignore our health or lack right resources to take care of it. AyushMD is an endeavor to remove these handicaps. Since its inception in 2019, AyushMD has pioneered free-for-all healthcare platform that connects patients and doctors in an unprecedented way.

As India's fastest growing health care platform, AyushMD for the first time ever, has enabled people to Ask Health Questions directly to a pool of trusted doctors on its network, without any charge. It is as simple as asking your friend over Whatsapp! People also use AyushMD to find good doctors and Book Appointments. Users also receive health tips straight from doctors in the form of Health Bytes. Not just for health-seekers, it is equally liberating for Doctors, with unique practice enhancing features and practice supporting tools. AyushMD is holistic health care.

For Everyone

AyushMD enables everybody to reach out to top doctors for their health issues. Users can Ask a Health Question and receive advice from established doctors on the platform. It is easy, mobile and without any charge. Patients can also share medical history and reports, images, receive recorded advice from doctors - as simply as they shared with a friend, over Whatsapp.

Moreover, they can find a doctor nearby, check the doctor's profile and also Book an Appointment. For daily health upkeep, users can browse through or subscribe to the bank of health tips, in the areas they need most - these are Health Bytes shared by doctors themselves.

For Doctors

AyushMD ensures that Doctors save time and enhance practice effortlessly. AyushMD website has two goals to meet for Doctors.

A. Grow Your Practice through which doctors grow their outreach to patients across the country, by interacting with them. They answer health questions asked by users, share Health Bytes and increase their popularity in the community. They not only get thanked by those whom they help but also get recommended by peers. It is an assured way to be on top of things within medical fraternity.

B. Manage Your Practice has highly evolved and easy-to-use practice management software. It enables doctors in managing patients' contacts, appointments, billing, calendars, reminders, saving or accessing medical records (quick and paperless) and other critical details - for one or more clinics. Doctors can truly be in touch with their patients and manage their practice on the go with AyushMD.


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